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Planning for

Business Owners

How do I protect what I've worked so hard to build?


Business Succession Planning - Looking at the whole picture we can help business owners implement procedures which will eliminate many of the financial blind spots which cause them to lose wealth, pay more taxes, and the inability to transfer their business interest to family members. By having a Business Strategic Plan (BSP), they are able to keep more of the accumulated wealth for the enjoyment of the family, while being certain that their business will be transferred to subsequent generations.

Buy-Sell Agreements - A BSA is a lifetime contract providing for the transfer of a business interest upon the occurrence of one or more triggering events as defined in the contract itself. An interest in any form of business entity can be transferred under a BSA. The BSA is a binding contract and is invaluable when the business owner wants to ensure a smooth transition of complete control and ownership to the party that will keep the business going.​

Estate Planning for the Family - The family element in every family business can mean the difference between its success or failure during the transfer process. The retirement, disability or death of the business owner are all common events that can trigger a business transfer. Tough questions must be asked and answered. Otherwise, a business that took decades to build can be destroyed overnight. For example, who will run the business after the owner’s death? Will it be a spouse, one of the children or a non-family member key employee? If a spouse will not run the business, will they still be financially dependent on it, or can arrangements be made to ensure they will be financial independent whether the business succeeds or not?


Estate Tax Uncertainty - The only certainty about the federal estate tax is it's uncertainty with each change in Congress and the White House. Monitoring of economic, political and legal climate is required. Why? Without proper estate-liquidity planning, the family may have to sell the business just to meet an estate tax cash call. 

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